Monday, July 15, 2013

Making Time to Date Your Husband

Our husbands are often put on the back burner, especially when our kids are small. But, that's not God's plan for our relationship with our husband, it should be second only to our relationship with God. Then, why as wives do we often put them last? When we have a strong and joyous relationship with our husbands then that give the rest of our family a chance to thrive as well. How do you help your relationship thive? Well, I think you remember to date your husband.

I understand this may be harder than it sounds, like finding a baby-sitter you trust and sticking to your budget. Sure there are plenty of excuses for why not to have a date. We are blessed to have my parents live in the next town north who love watching our kids and we still neglect having some couple time. Partly because we really enjoy our children, they are at fun ages and we like to spend a lot of time with them. But with our kids there, we just don't get to have the conversations we would if we are alone.

Sometimes you just need to get a little creative to make date night/day happen. Perhaps you don't have family close to watch your kids, why don't you trade baby-sitting with friends from your mommy group or church that you trust. Maybe the evening is a hard time of day for your little one, then have a baby-sitter come during nap time and do a date during the day. If you're worried about breaking your budget, pack a picnic on a pretty day and go to a nature park. Maybe you enjoy doing an activity together. My husband took up cycling a few years ago and I joined him. When I wasn't complaining about a tough hill, we had some great conversations and fun experiences together.

While you're on the date, you might find it hard to talk about anything other than your kids. Or perhaps you can't find anything to talk about. Here is a link to "The Great Date Experiment". They have some fun date ideas and questions to ask your honey on your date. We did two of these dates on a weekend getaway, and they really provoked some awesome conversations.

I was recently told that our relationships are the only thing we take to eternity, so be mindful of that special man God chose for you and continue to cultivate your relationship.


  1. You are so right about the husband being put on the back burner once the kids start arriving. I found myself doing that without even realizing it. Between kids, husbands deployments it was like I was living with a stranger. So we started dating each other again and helped our relationship so much.

    1. What a testimony to "dating your husband", Amber! Thanks for sharing!


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