Friday, June 17, 2011

A Little Layering to My Little House

I've been having some fun adding layers to our little abode and I thought it would be fun to show you a few before and afters. Now, you understand there is never really an official after, because I like change and so it may not look this way next week. But, then I will have something to write about next week!

If you know me, then you know I didn't pay much for anything. I'm really into vintage right now and lucky me, I have found a vintage sale that happens once a month and the prices are great. Who knows what I'll find next month! Let's just call these before and "in progress":

This is my den with Matt's very cool painting and a rather minimalist look.

The bike print was my "biggest purchase" at $20.00 from an art show. I already had the frame and the pottery was moved from over the laundry room door. This great scripture piece is from Dayspring.

This woven table is one of my favorite pieces in our house.


I like how this small vintage table adds a layer to this table and for $5.00 it was a steal.

Why, yes, this is a rather large mallet in our den and my husband just had to have it. Not sure it was a bargain at $10.00, but it is original and unexpected! So far, the kids have not used it on one another or anything else for that matter.

These fun old farm signs is what I used to replace the red pottery. They were $5.00 each and I just think they are super fun.

This is our entry way with another one of Matt's great paintings over the small bookcase.

The awesome danish modern lamp arrived in a box from Ohio. I just loved the colors in this little painting that I stole for $3.00.

See, isn't it cute? It's just a happy little painting and the lamp looks great with it.

The kids rooms were not immune to my attacks of layering. This is the top of Harrison's bookcase.

This little stool was only $3.00 and cute to add some height. I really thought that Harrison would understand these letters are just for "decoration". Silly me, they are supposed to spell "CHAMP" but now spell "CAMP". Hey, at least they still spell a word and I'm sure that H will show up eventually. Matt picked up the "scary monkey" at an estate sale and the sock monkey was mine when I was little.

Haley's room before I added a few little touches.

Haley picked out this fun and of course pink vintage mirror, at $3.00 I thought it was really cute, too. The little painting is adorable along with the tin.

Here's the before of my bedroom with another one of Matt's sweet paintings, notice a trend here?

I think I am going to start collecting blue glass, the cool color speaks to me. At $1.50 for each, the price is right two.

I framed this little card that actually came with the Dayspring product I ordered with this cute garage sale "like new" frame.

 I added a quick touch to my front porch when I found these two birdhouses that Matt and Haley had made hiding out in my garage.


 That's all for now. To be continued...

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  1. you've got such a great sense of style! love it all. i especially love those vintage farm signs and the little painting that you got for $3. so amazing!! thanks for stopping by my blog today, too. i am happy to discovered yours as well. blessings, lora


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