Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paper Clutter: Greeting Cards & Other Keepsakes

If you don't have good systems in place dealing with paper clutter then you can get overrun in this department. Stacks of papers make a house look cluttered and add stress to your life.

Take a look at this simple system for greeting cards and keepsakes. I bought these great little plastic containers at the Dollar General. They are perfect for housing my kids' greeting cards.

I also have a larger plastic container that I use for my cards and keepsakes, also from Dollar General.

This easy system helps the special things that you want to keep have a home...and having a system keeps things from piling up.


  1. Great idea, and I am just wondering, where do you keep the containers? That's something else I have trouble with.

  2. I have them at the top of my closet on a shelf. I have also had them in my linen closet, which I am now using for art and present wrapping supplies. I rarely use it for actual linens! Thanks for stopping by!


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