Monday, June 17, 2013

Being More Intentional this Summer

As summers tend to do, this one is already getting away from me! The kids start in their new "university model" Christian school August 19th, so this summer will be over before we know it! I have a few educational endeavors that I want to accomplish (or at least maintain) this summer and I've found that I haven't been real intentional about doing them in the last couple of weeks.

Like anything else, having it down on paper or in a schedule helps me be more intentional about following through. A schedule has encouraged my intentionality with a regular cleaning routine and menu planning. So, I decided to create a daily schedule to make sure we get in our reading, family devotional and few little lessons along the way.

The kids' new school teaches Spanish which I'm thrilled about, but Haley will be in third grade without much Spanish knowledge. Therefore, we will have a Spanish crash course for the rest of the summer. Her new school is also doing cursive handwriting, so we'll keep working on that as well as some arithmetic. Harrison will just be working on letters and basic math. I will make this fun for him by utilizing iPad apps and fun worksheets.

I also want to make sure that I am reading to them as well as Haley reading on her own. Most importantly, I want to be intentional about our daily devotional. We have a great resource for devotionals with Our 24 Family Ways. But even with a great resource such as this, it takes discipline to make sure we do it everyday.

Here is our little schedule. Granted everything may not get done everyday and that's okay. But, chances are we will complete more tasks if we keep this schedule on the fridge. 


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