Monday, December 9, 2013

Iced In and Loving It!

North Texas is notorious for the weathermen getting us all hyped up for incoming ice storms that never seem to come. Well, they had their vengeance this weekend with what has been named "Icemageddon 2013". We had a layer of ice about 4 inches deep at our house. It looks like snow, but it's solid ice! This completely incapacitated the area since we have a lot of bridges and overpasses and we don't have the deicing trucks like up north.

This means I have actually not left my house since last Thursday, we are going on day four of being iced in. And I'm hear to say that I'm loving it! Yes, plans have been thwarted, even our eleventh anniversary was celebrated at home with our children. But none the less, it has really been a sweet time.

The first night we had a cozy fire and watch "Elf" as the sleet started coming down. We moved our dinner into the den on our oversized coffee table. Haley helped me make the table look special with candles and snowmen napkins. We laughed and enjoyed the warm fire.

The kids were so excited to play in the "ice" and it actually turned out to be quite good for sledding down our backyard "hill". Since, Matt is from Ohio and we often visit during the winter, his parents always bless us with great coats and cold weather gear along with fun plastic sleds. So, being equipped with the proper gear the kids popped in and out all day and had a blast.

That night we spent being crafty. Haley and I made giant snowflakes with some colorful scrapbook paper that I had on hand. Then, she arranged them over our windows on the cornice boards in the den. I love how they turned out! Harrison made a homemade garland for our mantel, it turned out so cute, too! I love how our house gets more and more decorated throughout the season with homemade decorations!

Saturday we celebrated eleven years of marriage! I improvised a gluten free cake with only one and half cups of flour left from our morning pancakes which was actually a science assignment for Haley (just one more reason I love our university model school). I used cookie cutters to shape some "wedding bells". It was by no means perfect, but we enjoyed it and I think Matt appreciated the effort! Once again the kids were in and out and enjoying our backyard sledding slope.

Being at home for that long got my wheels turning and of course led to a few organizing feats. I took on the challenge of separating all of Harrison's Legos by color. This turned out to be a much larger job than I had anticipated, it even led to a bit of neck strain and a strong urge to send some Legos flying. But my effort proved to not be in vain as I found him much less overwhelmed the next day (they had been in a huge bin mixed together before) and tackling many Lego magazine inspired creations.

Sunday was spent indoors just relaxing. Even all the local churches were closed due to the bad road conditions. We had fun pulling up different churches around the country and watching their live services. Haley and I had a Netflix marathon of the Dugger family's 19 Kids and Counting, while Harrison and Matt watched football and played with Legos. I think I was on Dugger overload as I dreamed I was Michelle last night, ha!

With the roads still being hazardous on this Monday morning, we were given homeschool assignments instead of going into school. And that my friends, is what awaits me today! I hope you are having a blessed Christmas season and taking time to enjoy the simple things!

Many blessings,

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  1. Very nice as usual Jennifer - Dad and I have had a great few days altho he is getting the itch to get to the golf course - but it has to thaw out first. It is the little things that make us the happiest most of the time.


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