Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I Shop at Aldi

First off, Aldi's prices are amazing. I mean off the charts good. Let's see, all winter I've spent around $2.00 for  bags of apples, bags of oranges are under $2.00, milk $.99, eggs are under a dollar... I could go on and on. To give you an idea, I feed my family for around $80.00 a week and that includes everything...and the best part is I never look at, clip, or organize a single coupon.

The store is only about four isles wide. This comes in handy when shopping with a little three year old gentleman that insists on pushing the cart for me. It is a store with all the basics, therefore my meal plan for the week is set up with that in mind. When my hubby wants to cook a gourmet meal, that's when a trip to Whole Foods is in order. I am the cook, he is the chef in this house.

I'm not enticed by any impulse purchases (well, maybe on the ice cream isle), like for instance, at Target where there seems to be a magnetic pull and my cart always ends up in the shoe department.  I do still treat myself to the occasional excursion to Target or Whole Foods, a girls gotta live a little.

Really, I've found that shopping at Aldi has just simplified my grocery shopping experience while helping me be a good steward of the money God has given us. That's why I shop at Aldi in a nutshell. If you decide to venture out to the world of Aldi, a word of warning: have a quarter in an easily accessible place (I'll let you find out why for yourself) and bring your own grocery bags. Also, they only take cash or debit cards, the Ramsey followers out there will appreciate this. Happy shopping!


  1. I've shopped there and loved it. Except for a few things: It's a bit far for my gas guzzling diesel and they don't have some things that my family likes (i.e almond milk, all beef hotdogs). Do you go to other places to finish your weekly shopping (w/o the gourmet meals) or is Aldi it??

  2. Hey Becca, great question. I'm so glad you like Aldi, too. Yes, I usually do need a couple of "special items" that I can't get at Aldi each week. Since Brookshires is so convenient I will just go there for what I need. I really like to do a lunch out on occasion at Whole Foods and Market Street, so sometimes that's what I do.
    It does make it a little challenging when you need to go to two stores, especially when you have two little ones with you! It would be so nice if there was a closer Aldi.


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