Friday, April 1, 2011

Clutter Control: Kid's Schoolwork and Art

This is my first post in a series called Clutter Control. So, my little girl started Kindergarten last fall. What a year of growing this has been for both of us! Everyday she brings home her little folder with all her precious work in it. As much as I would like to keep everything, that is just not possible. So, I have come up with a simple system that seems to work really well for keeping this area under control.

Each day I empty her folder right when she gets home. I look at all her work and notes the teacher sent home. If there are any dates or other important information I need to remember, I write it in my planner right then. I put any homework assignments or projects aside. If there is anything "fridge worthy" I put it up there, otherwise all the remaining papers go in the front of my little file holder.

On about the first day of each month, I pull out everything and sort it. This process is only done once a month, so this is all her work from March.

I sort it into a keep pile of art and school work for both children, a toss pile, an important paper pile, and a couple of other piles like things I need to work with her on, etc. My criteria for keeps: original art is almost always a keeper, since she is just starting to write sentences I keep most of those as well. I know I am probably keeping more than I should, but it's kindergarten and her writing and art are just too cute. Mainly, what I am tossing is informational papers and worksheets.

Really, how can you not keep this:

or this:

Some artwork is displayed around the house or sent to grandparents in Ohio, but for the most part it is put in a bin. I think a summer project of putting it in a binder would be fun.

Now I end up with an organized file holder to start a new month. By the way, I got this little organizer at Target for about $10.00, it has really helped keep my paper clutter in order.

I'm sure this system will have to evolve as my children get bigger, but for now it seems to be working quite well.


  1. Great ideas! Love the pictures....awwwww.

  2. I took a little trip to Dollar General and got my school paperwork under control. it's so much neater in my kitchen now!

  3. Yay! I have been using a large tote,trying to keep them in chronological order, but this is much more manageable. Thanks for the tip!


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