Thursday, May 2, 2013

Your Closet: Spring Cleaning

This is the first in a series called "Your Closet". I know not everyone does, but I love change. My friends laugh when they come to my house, something has always changed from their last visit. Even if their last visit was last week! So, of course I love the change of seasons, especially spring. As soon as we get the first hint of spring, I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to change my wardrobe over. Here's some things to consider when breaking out the spring threads and putting away your winter digs.

I think it is nice if you can display your "in-season" clothes in the most easily accessible location in your closet and either remove or tuck away your "out-of-season" clothes. My "live in handyman" built another hanging rod at the top of our closet to hang our out-of-season wardrobe. This was a great use of otherwise unusable space. You may be able to hang your winter clothes in the back of your closet, or packing them away in a bin may be the best option for you.

Before you go and tuck those clothes away, you need to go through each piece. Is there anything that you didn't wear this winter? If you didn't wear it at all this winter, then it is time to part with it. Is there anything that just didn't fit you well or you didn't feel was becoming on you, get rid of it!

Now you are at the point where you want to walk away and leave a pile of clothes on your bed. Push through and follow these next important steps and you will thank yourself later. You must choose what you want to do with these clothes and not leave them to deal with later. I happen to take my nice clothes to a consignment store, but they only take certain brands. They also only take winter clothes in the Fall. So, if you choose to save your nicer clothes for a resale store, you have to store them in a place you will remember. If you put them in a bin, label it and write on your calendar in September to check with the resale store to see if they are accepting Winter clothes. Perhaps you want to sell them on Ebay. Summer is not the most profitable time to sell winter clothes on Ebay, so the same actions should be taken to remind yourself that you have these clothes to sell.

Perhaps you choose to donate your pile to a local charity. In doing that, please don't send any clothes with stains or holes in them. If you have any garments that fit in that department, maybe you could turn them into cleaning rags if you don't want to just pitch them.

Whatever you choose to do with your unwanted pieces, it is important that you finish the job you started. If you are donating a bag, go ahead and put it in your car. Next time you are out and near your chosen donation center, drop it off.

When I first started minimalism in my closet, I felt so guilty getting rid of certain things. Now that I see the freedom in having a closet with only the things I love and space for them to hang, I don't give a second thought to it. Enjoy this process and remember how blessed you are to have such an abundance, it is a privilege that not all share.


  1. Great ideas Jennifer! I love your blog! Very useful!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sabina! I am having so much fun with it!

  3. We are loving our new minimalist closet and I'm working hard to transfer what you've taught me to the rest of the house!

  4. Guess it's time for me to get rid of my maternity clothes that are in a pile on the floor of my closet LOL!

  5. Natalie, I'm so glad! I'm excited to tackle another area in your house!

    Jennie, you've got your hands full right now, I'm all about extending ourselves some grace, too!

  6. great job! I just love a nice, neat closet.


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