Monday, April 4, 2011

Books I Love: One Thousand Gifts

Life changing...that's really the best way to describe Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts "A dare to live fully right where you are." If you aren't familiar with Ann, you will be in awe by her beautiful use of words. I am feeling a little intimidated trying to tell you about her book! The theme of the book is giving thanks in everything and seeing God in the little everyday moments. 

Ann's friend dared her to write down 1,000 gifts. Well, she has recorded over 2,000 now! Ann has started a gratitude revolution. I've been charting my gifts for over a month and it has really changed me. It's caused me to slow down and really take every moment in. 

I plan on linking up with Ann's blog "A Holy Experience" every Monday to list my gifts. I think this will help keep me practicing eucharisteo (giving thanks). You can get to her blog by clicking the link at the bottom off my blog. You will be blessed by her beautiful photography and journal, it is truly a work of art. Read her book, too, you will not regret it.

293. Having friends get excited and encourage me to continue blogging
294. Hanging out at a friends house all day and organizing her closet
295. Two little boys dressed up as superheros
296. Baby Brock smiling at his mobile
297. Attending a sweet little girls 4th birthday party
298. Getting a great picture of the little girl and her parents
299. Making a new friend
300. Going on a bike ride with Haley for the first time without training wheels
301. Discovering trails in the woods and exploring with children (feeling like a kid again)
302. Relaxing by a small stream, watching Haley get muddy and have a blast
303. Water balloon fight
304. Ice cream bars
305. Haley's picture in the Dillard's ad of April's Southern Living...proud mommy moment!

306. Two sweet little girls in dresses excited about Sunday school
307. Amazing Sunday school teachers
308. Interesting sermon on angels
309. Being part of a growing children's ministry
310. yoga class
311. Taco Bueno lunch with two of my favorite people
312. Organizing baby rooms at church
313. Impromptu gathering with sweet friends at my house after moms Bible study
314. Little red robins in the back yard
315. Green grass and green trees
316. Rescuing dog with a friend, surprisingly returning it to a church friends house
317. Sun coming out after three dizzily days
318. Kids playing happily in the backyard
319. My little monkeys hanging happily from a tree
320. Harrison wearing his bike helmet backwards all day for two days

321. Watching Matt speak to the youth
322. Haley and her friend walking into school together with big smiles on their faces
323. Harrison calling the sunrise "beautiful light"
324. Green fields of winter wheat
325. Sprouting corn fields
326. Bluebonnets and yellow wild flowers
327. Great morning workout class
328. Haircut, super short and loving it
329. Playing checkers with Haley
330. Snuggle time with Kids
331. Beautiful day, back to shorts weather
332. Brunch on the back porch of homemade breakfast burritos with my little man...relaxing
333. Date night!
334. Soft morning light
335. Planting flower seeds with Haley


  1. A wonderful week of blessings .....

  2. Thank you...I just love this practice of counting blessings!

  3. What a glorious list, such blessings. Congrats on starting a blog. I have been daring my friends to take up the book but even more so to take up the listing of Joys and blessings. Have a blessed day, glad I stopped by.

  4. I love your list! That pillow is so cute! :) Yay for blogging! :)


  5. Nicole, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you stopped by, too!

  6. Lauren, thanks so much! I love your blog, so clean and refreshing!

  7. This was really hard -- picking a favorite from your list today! But I would have to go with the making of a new friend! There is nothing more precious than that feeling of making room in your heart for someone new and finding it comfortable, warm and nice. I'm glad, too, that you are blogging, that you have read the book, and changing your life by counting your gratitudes. It was great to be here!!!

  8. Thank you, Cora! It is so fun to make an instant connection with someone! I am really enjoying blogging and of course the book is amazing! Thanks for visiting!

  9. Love the book, love your blog and love YOU! So proud of you and thankful for you, my friend! You have "made" my list several times too. ;)

  10. Jennifer, I am totally going to do this! What a great way to be constantly praising God for everything...big or small! Right now, I am praising Him for you! You make my world brighter! Can't wait to see you tomorrow at church! Smooches!



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