Saturday, April 9, 2011

Take Your Jeans Into Spring

One way to simplify your wardrobe is to have pieces that work for every season. I am a big fan of straight leg jeans for this reason. They look super cute with little boots in the winter and then I roll them up about two rolls when spring arrives. You pair them with a cute flat, sandal or wedge and you have a whole new fresh look for Spring.

In January, I flew to Florida to meet my husband for a little weekend getaway. (Side note here: if your husband ever travels for work and you get the opportunity to meet him for the weekend take it! It is a very economical way to getaway since you only have to buy one plane ticket.) Anyways, I left cold Dallas in the morning wearing my straight leg jeans and boots. When I arrived in Florida, I rolled them up a couple of rolls and put on the sandals I had in my carry-on. A quick transformation from a winter outfit to a spring one, and it felt wonderful to put on sandals in January!

If you're thinking, wow... I need a pair of these jeans. You may be in luck to get a great bargain. Most stores have a lot of jeans on clearance right now. I just picked up two pairs at target the other day, one for $6.00 and the other for $10.00. I am careful about what I bring into my house, so I bought these because they fit great and I could use them. It was a bonus to get such a great deal! If you are looking for what $200.00 jeans are in style, you are at the wrong blog! I don't spend much on my clothes, but I seem to have a pretty good fashion sense and get a lot of compliments!

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  1. Good idea Jennifer. I'm going to try that with some jeans. Especially since I have a couple of pair that are on the verge of being too short...Tamara


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