Monday, May 23, 2011

Counting Gifts 533-570

Every Monday I will be linking up with A Holy Experience to share my gifts for the week. To learn more about the book that inspired me to start counting my blessings, click here.

533. Senior day at church, impressive graduates, crying momma's
534. Long after church nap, watching the wind blow the leaves
535. Haley painting and attempting to speak "French"

536. Natural Vitamin D

537. Harrison offering to get me a pillow while I relax in the sun

538. A boy and his dog

539. Shoes on the wrong feet

540. Neighborhood family walk and scooter ride
541. A husband that spend the better part of his day off helping me around the house
542. A clean house
543. "Relaxing" yoga practice in my den

544. Lunch at a throw back drive-in with Harrison and Matt
545. Country drive
546. Beautiful day with beautiful friends at the park
547. Talking over the fence with a lovely neighbor
548. Reading Harrison Bible stories in bed, great dialogue with the little man
549. Snuggling with Haley, her last night as a five year old
550. Haley up at 6:30 with smile on her face, my birthday girl
551. Haley opening a great present from Ohio grandparents, and of course there is one in there for Harrison, too
552. Haley's excitement at getting to wear a birthday crown at school
553. Birthday lunch with Haley at school
554. Mums coming back

555. Growing sunflowers

556. Fun afternoon with the birthday girl shopping for a new doll with my mom and Harrison
557. Stopping to admire some purple petunias

558. Fascinated by how his little mind works

559. Heart to heart with my love
560. Relaxing over-cast morning...teaching Harrison a downward facing dog

561. Seeing well over 20 cardinals on a country road
562. A friend that shares her gifts and teaches me relaxing poses in yoga
563. Finding the silver lining in hip injuries that have lasted over six months
564. Grocery shopping by myself
565. Impromptu dinner at our home with a family whose friendship is a blessing
566. Always delightful baby, while the "big" kids play joyfully

567. Evening light after an afternoon of storms
568. Great time with friends supporting our friend Covey with his infectious smile at the Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk

569. Yummy and easy dinner with good company

570. Finding fun photo ops in a local historic downtown

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