Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feeling Overwhelmed...Try This

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to get done? When I start feeling this way it really helps me to make a to do list. That way I get everything out of my head and on paper.  

Put everything that needs to get done on the list, even the small things. When you have some time to start tackling the list, then go for the easiest thing on the list first. Once the task is completed, cross it off.

Sometimes we just need those small successes to get the ball rolling and all of the sudden the to do list looks more attainable!


  1. I love making lists. I even add things I've already done to the list just so I can cross them off!

  2. Ha ha! That is greatness! I'm going to start doing that, then I will feel like I am ahead for the day!


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