Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giving Toys a Home

I believe the key with keeping toys organized is giving every toy a home. This way when the room gets destroyed it is so much easier to put back together, since you know there is a place for everything. Instead of going for the big toy box where everything ends up together, think about using smaller storage options to keep like objects together.

Here are a few example of inexpensive strategies for giving toys a home:

These little trashcans are so inexpensive and work great for toy storage.

Little plastic bins work well for holding cars and tools.

Baskets are always a favorite when dealing with storage, I pretty much buy all my baskets at garage sales for practically nothing.

This pop-up storage from Ikea works for stuffed animals.

 I think this is a great way to teach young children organization and to be good stewards of their things. Remember, letting some toys they no longer play with go to a new home will also help this area!

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