Monday, June 13, 2011

Counting Gifts 647-686

Every Monday I will be linking up with A Holy Experience to share my gifts for the week. To learn more about the book that inspired me to start counting my blessings, click here.

647. Kids in bright summer colors excited for church

648. A thrifty "new-to-me" dress, Haley liking it and snapping a picture of me

649. Taking a week off from serving and getting fed by a visiting pastor
650. My sister two rows up
651. Revelation Song, a favorite sung beautifully by a sweet friend
652. A lovely older friend telling Matt that I'm a jewel, an opinion I value greatly
653. Eating nice meals at home all weekend and saving money by not eating out
654. A surprise party for me consisting of "moon sand cupcakes" and "play-do punch", then a gift of plastic jewelry. When I asked Haley why she was doing this for me, her reply, "I wanted you to know how special you are!"
655. Fresh cut green grass

656. Taking Haley on a shopping trip for new tennis shoes and spending way too much time browsing with her in a bookstore
657. An older woman in the book store telling me that I am teaching her great values when I told Haley she was welcome to spend more than $5.00 if she wanted to pay me back from her piggy bank when we got home
658. Highlighting kit working, hair still intact and not orange
659. Haley dressing Harrison in her pj's for bedtime

659. The whole family cheering Harrison on as he tries to throw a bouncy ball into a basket in our bedroom...flashes of a future basketball player, perhaps
660. The next morning Harrison comes in and says,"It's weally fun to sweep in my sistor's jammies."
661. Harrison's first day of swim lesson, no tears and he even went underwater

662. Summer afternoon quiet times

663. Licking the ice cream bowl clean

664. Slow mornings

665. Hot chocolate on a summer day complete with cinnamon sticks in new kid sized mugs that arrived from Ohio

667.  One big boy and one little boy on a slide together

668. A sweet bond

669. Precious friends

670. Starting physical therapy on my hips
671. Taking a sweet family a meal and holding a precious newborn
672. Worshiping with Matt and hearing some awesome young men glorify God with their musical gifts
673. Haley cheering on Harrison at his swim lesson

674. Six month teeth cleaning, a privilege to have good dental care
675. Enjoying time with Haley and Matt at a mall lunch
676. Haley out of the blue, "You are the best Mommy in the whole wide world"
677. Nighttime chalk artists hard at work

678. Bittersweet tears as we learn God's plan to send our loved pastor and his family to another church
679. A reminder to cherish special friends in your life
680. Haley trying with all her might to master complicated strokes in swim class

681. A passionate swim instructor
682. A friend's safe travel to Africa to visit her missionary sister
683. Sweet teenage girls giving my kids a fun time as Matt and I have an unexpected Friday afternoon date
684. Haley coming into our bed after a bad dream, her sweet profile as she sleeps
685. Learning of an opportunity to serve at interim children's minister at our church
686. Fun evening at the pool with a lovely family

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