Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nesting on a Rainy Day

Most normal people would sit down to a good book or a movie if they had some free time on a yucky rainy day. Well, not me, I start looking for a place to organize. I didn't have to look far on this rainy day, I just had to walk into my little girl's room. Here's what it looked like:

This built-in bookcase is a great use of space, but it had just been overtaken with all of her treasures. So, after a little nesting, this is the result:

 Looks like I wore Rosey out just watching me!


  1. I LOVE her bookshelves - did y'all install those yourselves? I need that at my house!

  2. Thanks! Yes, Matt built the bookcase and desk. It was our study before kids and gives us a lot of storage for games, art stuff now.

  3. THE DOG!!!!! So cute! What a good spot to sleep in.


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