Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun Garage Sale Finds

I'm so excited to show you all my fun finds over the last couple of weeks of shopping garage sales. I just recently got back into going to garage sales. Mainly, because I have started a little organizing business and I am doing a friend's house on a budget. There is no better place to find great organizing items cheaply than garage sales. I was also motivated to start back after I went to a lovely lake retreat and saw how the owner was able to put all her garage sale/thrift store finds together.

A couple of years ago, I went to garage sales all the time, but I realized that I had a steady stream of "garage sale finds" heading to Good Will. I've gotten back in the habit which a much different mind set. I am being extremely selective, because my goal is not to clutter my home. I do think I've found a few fun things that are either useful or add a little layering to my decor. Enough chat, here's the goods:

This Fun blue Ball jar spoke my name and for $.50, it's a no brainer

Table and chairs, $5.00 each, I'm thinking a pretty good deal and I needed to spruce up my patio

I thought this old store newspaper rack was so cool, great for toys now, plants in the future $5.00

Plant stand $3.00, watering can $2.00

This umbrella only cost $1.00, perhaps you remember this color? Plastic bowl $.25 works great for flowers (I should have cleaned the table before this picture, but I'm remembering this isn't about perfection, right?)

Not sure what to call this, cut off table? Anyways I just thought it was so neat and for $5.00 I couldn't pass it up. I think it adds some neat layering to this table that is one of my favorite pieces

Maybe you can see how it works in the space better here

Little tins, $.50 each

Fun little table for Harrison's room, $5.00, and some kind of spaceship or bat mobile thing that Harrison loves for a dollar

Bracelet $.50

Not ready to surrender you Saturdays to soccer, no worries, just pick up a trophy for a $.25 at a garage sale and save your Saturdays

I think I did pretty well, regardless I had a lot of fun in the process. I also picked up several baskets for my client including two amazing large pottery barn kids baskets with gingham liners that looked new for $6.00 total. I think it's fun that everything in our house has a story and not much was bought off the shelf at a decorator store.

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  1. I love the blue jar in front of that priceless artwork.


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