Friday, May 13, 2011

Simplifying Gift Giving & Giveaway Reminder

If you are on the little kid birthday party circuit like us, then you might like this idea to simplify present giving. Instead of buying a card for every party, I've started simply printing a personalized message on a white piece of paper, cutting it to the right size and attaching it to the gift bag with tape. It's definitely not Martha Stewart, but it does simplify this area of my life and I think it looks pretty cute. It also saves a couple of dollars per birthday on a card that will probably end up getting tossed anyways.

I also have a stash of boy and girl presents in a bin in the attic. I've found all of them on clearance at various stores. Target after Christmas clearance is a great place to load up. This helps save time when my little social butterflies get invited to a party.

Reminder: Tomorrow I will announce the DaySpring Giveaway! Click HERE to get registered!

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