Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Non-traditional Toddler Furniture

I have been working on organizing a friend's adorable cottage on a budget. When working on a budget there is no better place to shop than garage sales. It is also great if you can "think outside of the box" and use non-traditional furniture for various spaces. I wanted to show you the before and after on her toddler boy's room.

Here's the skinny on garages sales: To have the best chance of finding the things you want, look in your paper for neighborhood garage sales. Most importantly, you've got to get there early. Never ever pay full price. Most people are really just trying to get rid of stuff, so they are very motivated to drop their prices.

Okay, back to the toddler room makeover. I had a hard time getting a great picture of this space. It is small but the windows make it so charming. As you can see by these before pictures, the room was lacking in sufficient toy storage.

I found two "like new" pottery barn baskets for $3.00 each at a garage sale the week before, so I was on the hunt for a piece of furniture to go with them. I found this television stand at a garage sale the next week. Although, not a piece you might think to use in a toddler's room, it worked perfectly. It's just the right height to make the toy baskets accessible for the little guy and it also works for book storage. They were asking $20.00, but I bargained with them and got it for $15.00.

She also needed a table for his CD player and humidifier. I found the little folding table in the corner for $5.00 that serves its purpose perfectly.

Room Makeover Breakdown:
$6.00 two pottery barn baskets
$15.00 toy storage solution (formerly known as entertainment center)
$5.00 matching folding table
$26.00 Total

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  1. That looks great! And what a steal those baskets were! I think I need to hit up more garage sales ;)


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