Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Childhood Memory

I think the mind is such a wondrous thing. Like, why when I think back on my life do I remember certain things? Why do certain memories pop into my mind when there is nothing to prompt that memory?

For instance, my daughter is in first grade this year. So, I've thought back to my first grade life and there is one memory that always pops in my head:

It is a spring day and I arrive at school in a nice little outfit that my mom chose for me to wear that day. It was a skirt and shirt with nice shoes. I sit at my desk only to realize that it's field day. I loved being outside and field day only happened once a year. Not only that, but it was probably the biggest day of my seven-year-old world next to Christmas and my birthday. But, I am not dressed for field day, the realization hits me hard and I proceed to put my head on my desk and start crying.

A couple of minutes later, my mom is standing next to my desk with a bag of field day appropriate clothes and sneakers. My mom has saved my day and yes, I would be participating in field day. I remember her walking me to the bathroom and helping me get changed. I remember thinking it odd that she told me I could wear the shirt I had on with the shorts she brought. But, overall I remember the relief that I wasn't going to miss out on the fun that day and I remember knowing in that moment how much my mom loved me.

As a mom now, I can put myself in her shoes. She's dropped me off at school and remembered that it was field day and oh no, Jennifer is not dressed for it. She drives home knowing this was going to make her late for work, but she knows that I would be so disappointed to miss out on the fun activities.

Why does this memory stick out to me? It's not some life-changing event. It's really just one little thing of the millions of things my mom has done for me in my life. But, it represents how much my mom loves me and that she cared/cares about the little details of my life.

Maybe I think of it now because it is an understanding that someday my kids will remember the small things in their childhood. I hope when they do have those memories, they will know just how much I love them.

My daughter, Haley, at her kindergarten field day.