Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly To Do List

I realize I may have mislead you. Recently, I was looking back at some previous blog posts and I came across the blog titled About Me. In it, I say that my house practically runs itself. That sounds great, doesn't it? And when I wrote it, I really think that I was being truthful. 

In reality, it takes a lot of work to run a house, especially with little ones. There are always things that need to be done and it can get very overwhelming. I have a problem of jumping from one task to another without getting either of them completed. Maybe you can relate?

Recently, I made myself a weekly to-do list, and it has really simplified household work for me. I find that with this system, I am more likely to complete the work that needs to be done. Most importantly for me, I stop when I have completed the tasks instead of doing "extra work".

Here is my weekly to-do list:

I just add anything to each day that needs to get done. If it doesn't get completed on that day, it goes to the next day. Like today, I have some pictures I want to hang, so I'll add that to today's list. I plan on doing some freezer cooking this week, so I'll be adding that to the list as well. (I can't wait to tell you more about freezer cooking, it is literally life changing!) I realize this list may not work for you, but it can obviously be tailored to fit your needs. There's nothing fancy about the list, I simply made a word document that I can tweak as needed and print each week.

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