Monday, January 21, 2013

Foods By God

Hello friends! I've been on a slight hiatus from the blogging world, but I have so much to share that I had to jump back on and give you an update.  One of the many things that I am excited to share with you is the drastic changes we've made to our family's diet.

Basically, we have been eating a "God made" diet instead of a man made diet. Which means we are eating what God intended for us to eat when He created us.

Everyone in my family is seeing huge results from changing our diet. For instance, more energy, way less headaches/migraines, weight loss without even exercising and Haley's frequent stomaches have disappeared. Not to mention, the food that we are eating actually tastes so much better than the processed man made food!

Thankfully, I am not trying to do all of these changes on my own. Instead, I am doing it with the help of my amazing friend, Mary. Since, I am in no way the expert in this area, I want to point you to Mary's blog that I recently helped her start. She has been doing "Weekly Challenges" that are a great way to slowly work eating God's foods into your diet. She's only on week three, so you're not far behind!

Mary also has a wealth of information to share on the subject of "Foods By God" and she is a wonderful godly woman, wife and mother. Her teenage boys are delightful and if eating "Foods By God" had anything to do with that, then "I'm game"! Be sure and read her story on the blog. She and her family use no prescription or over-the-counter medicine and I find that to be hugely inspiring!

There is so much that I still have to tell you about our experiences with these big food changes in our home, but I want you to jump on over to Mary's blog. She put up a cookie recipe (yes, you can even eat cookies while still eating God's foods!) today and I'm going to make it!

I plan on updating you soon on some other fun money-saving projects that I have recently attempted, so come back soon!

God Bless!

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