Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kids Might Actually Prefer Fruit to Junk!

As I shared with you in an earlier post, I am now teaching a Sunday school class of mostly 7 to 9 year olds. I am loving this assignment by God! As I've also shared lately we are moving our family from a man made diet to a mostly God made diet (click here for more on this).

Right after Christmas break, my daughter, Haley, had a yucky stomach bug. She had just had one about three weeks earlier. Poor girl! Who wants to see their child suffer, no one! So, I decided to ramp up my efforts to improve her immune system and cut sugar completely out of her diet. (We are still using honey and maple syrup on occasion.)

Sunday rolls around and it hits me that I have been feeding my Sunday school class some really sugary processed man made foods. I knew that I didn't want Haley to eat those snacks and I also felt really conflicted about giving those foods to my class that I love. Their moms are some of my best friends and it would really ruin my witness of what eating God's foods was doing for me if I then turn around and serve their kids processed food.

Haley was involved in the decision to give the class fruit. I brought a bowl of a variety of whole fruit: apples, bananas, clementines and I also included a bag of banana chips. Haley and I were both a little concerned that the kids might be disappointed and grumble a bit about the snack choice.

Boy, were we wrong! The kids were so excited about the fruit, in fact they were more excited about the fruit than anything that I had offered them in the past!

This sparked great conversation about how God has provided many wonderful delicious foods for us to  not only eat but enjoy. Then the kids started talking about fruit that they enjoy like pineapple and kiwis. Then, the class decided that I should bring a different fruit each week to sample, what a great idea!

If you want some serious inspiration about feeding your kids great food, read this post by my good friend, Mary!

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