Saturday, January 26, 2013

When You Give Your Daughter Her Own Art Bedroom...

When you decide that your daughter is old enough to have her own art room/bedroom, you look all over your house to find containers and fun things to store and make all of her art supplies easily accessible. You admire your work. You take pictures of your work to show all of your friends on Facebook. Your friends complement you. You expect that her room will always look this way. You know better.

She begins to create art. You start hanging more of her creations on her wall

 and the fridge.
You scrub her desk to try to remove some of the paint.
She invites her brother to join in. The floor is covered in paint. You have the kids clean up the paint this time. You find the room looking like this every weekend.

You give up scrubbing the desk and decide that you will just let the paint build up and look like an artist's palette. You work really hard at convincing yourself that it's charming.

You hope that someday in the future, your daughter will remember that her momma let her have an art room remembering that her momma really liked a tidy house. 

...And secretly you hope that she will be a famous artist...or maybe get a college scholarship...or really just always enjoy creating things.

When it's all said and done I just want to encourage my little artist to create and have a place that she can call her own. Oh, and I think she's pretty talented, too.

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