Friday, January 25, 2013

Healthy Pre-School/Kinder Snack Idea

Since my family has been attempting to only (mostly) eat "foods made by God" ( click here to read more about this journey) and not man, when it's been my turn to take snacks to Harrison's pre-school or church, I've tried to be conscious of what I'm bringing into these classrooms.

It was Harrison's turn to bring the snack this week and with my sweet boy's help we decided on "sword carrots" and homemade ranch dip. Sword carrots are just peeled carrots without being cut up. If you want to get a boy to eat anything, just turn it into a potential weapon, ha! This works great for celery, too!

I used the wonderful and super easy homemade ranch dip that I found on "100 Days of Real Food", click here for the recipe.

I made sure to provide the teachers with plenty of paper bowls and a spoon to dish it out, along with paper napkins. How cute is this snack basket that the kids bring home when it's their turn to provide the snack!

Harrison said that his class was "so happy" with the snack! Not only was it a healthy option, it was also a very thrifty one. Bags of whole carrots are super cheap (I paid $.77 for small bags at Trader Joe's) and the sour cream/spices are something that I generally have on hand.

I also have a fun story of when I decided to change up the snack I've been offering the Sunday School class that I teach, check back for that in a few days!

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