Thursday, February 21, 2013

Filling My Cup: MomHeart Conference Part One

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the MomHeart conference with some wonderful friends and hearing my favorite and most inspiring author/speaker on mothering, Sally Clarkson. After a few of my friends went to the conference last year, I took notice of the blog posts that they kept putting on Facebook from "I Take Joy". Over the last year, I became a regular reader of this blog written by Sally. She speaks to my heart and has allowed me to see the big picture of mothering. If you've read her blog, then you'll know that Sally speaks of "filling your cup". Her blog has become a way for me to fill my "momma cup" as I sip on a cup of hot tea and read her blog daily. (I'm pretty sure my daily tea habit has also been influenced by Sally who is an avid tea connoisseur, which I shared with her as we happened to be in the same elevator in the hotel. I'm hoping she didn't think I was crazy!)

When it was time to register for her conference, I desperately wanted to go. But, my husband and I had just began the process of applying for a university model school for both of our kids next year. Since, we needed to start watching our money, I decided that I better forgo the conference this year. I would just keep reading her blog and the book that my sweet friend, Angie, sent me, Seasons of a Mother's Heart. That would just have to do for this year. 

Of course, I still wanted to go to the conference and then I received some birthday money from my sweet mom and mother-in-law. Once again, I decided that I should save the money for fun summer outings with the kids. Little did I know, the wisdom I would gain from this conference would pay off tenfold as compared to the summer outings it could have afforded.

When Angie contacted me the week of the conference (that was long since sold out) with an extra ticket, I knew that God was saying: "Jennifer, I want you to be there. You need to be there." Without hesitation, I made arrangements for the kids and said, "yes"!

The first day of the conference, I received news that both kids were accepted into the university model Christian school. This school will not only give them a Christian education, but it will allow me to spend a lot more time with them, as I will homeschool two days of the week. This has been my heart for so long! Harrison will begin kindergarten and Haley will start 3rd grade in the fall. Needless to say, this was an amazing way to start the weekend!

I have so much that I want to share with you about all of the mothering truths that I took away from the conference, so come back for part two and maybe three and four! If you haven't "met" Sally Clarkson, I urge you to jump on over to her blog. She speaks to mothers at all stages of mothering.

God Bless,

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