Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spiritual Fruit Tree

I've been looking for a sweet family tradition to do during lent leading up to Easter. I read about a great idea in a wonderful book that I am reading Seasons of a Mother's Heart (you need to read this book if you're a mom). This idea wasn't necessarily for lent, but I thought it might be just perfect. 

The kids and I went to on a stick hunt in our local nature preserve. I just grabbed an antique blue Ball jar that I wasn't using to hold our "spiritual fruit tree". I simply cut construction paper into circles and cut string to size.

When anyone in our family does something to bless you, then you write it on a piece of "fruit" and hang it on the "tree". Of course, Harrison isn't writing yet, so I write for him. 

We've only been doing it for two days and our tree is filling up! This has inspired my daughter to do the dishes twice to bless me! 

One of the really fun results of this project is that you get a clear picture on what blesses each member of the family, or rather what is their primary love language. My son and I speak the same love language, but my daughter and husband have different love languages from me. My hope is that this will not only teach us to bless others, but help me as a mother know how to bless each member of our family better. 

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