Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Buying Great Art on a Small Budget

Friends who visit my house often comment on the various pieces of art that we have adorning our walls. I am blessed to have an artist husband and daughter, but a good amount of our art comes from thrift stores. You can find so many different types of art very reasonable priced at thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales. Some of the art pictured below costs less than $5.00 and all of it was less than $20.00.

Another great place to buy art is at art shows and festivals. The original pieces are most likely over our budget, but the prints are very reasonably priced. Many art festivals will have have a yearly poster with a featured artist, these are also probably a little larger than the prints the artist sell for a better price.

My favorite print painted by my good friend Betty.
Even framed posters can be fun to add life to your art. Like this vintage bike poster and poster from the infamous Weenie Dog Races in Buda, Texas.

Vintage signs, cross stitches and other quirky things like the vintage souvenir plate from Costa Rica can add a bit of fun to your space. 

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  1. What fabulous finds!!!! Love it all...but my eye goes straight to the dachshund art whimsical and precious!!!! Thanks for sharing with us all and have a great 4th weekend...hugs...

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I love the dachshund pieces as well, that is my favorite artist every year at the Cottonwood Art Festival. Thanks for the fun link up at The Cottage Market! Happy 4th!


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