Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Changing Things Up

I'm at it again, moving things around that is! Did you happen to see my Summer Home Tour last week, if not, check it out! 

I needed to give the rug under my kitchen table some love and cleaning. With it missing from the room, I thought I might as well experiment with a different table arrangement. I really didn't think it would work with the kitchen island so close, but it didn't cost me a dime to move it and it can always go back.

I actually really like the result. I ended up moving the little chest and of course I had to move the paintings. 

It actually feels like we have more room while sitting at the table. So, I decided to find a new home for the rug which turned out to be Harrison's room (pics to come). I then moved some art that was just sitting on this chest over the kitchen sink window. I found the butterfly picture in the house that wasn't currently being used. Here's the result:

I have so much fun "playing" and changing things up that I already own. It doesn't cost any money and if it doesn't work, then oh well, you can always put it back! I hope this inspires you to "shop around your house" and freshen things up a bit!

Remember, it's not about having the biggest or "best" house, it's about having a house that's a home and a haven for you and your family. It's about having a place to come together, grow together, worship together, laugh together, and love one another. 


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  1. I love mixing it up and changing the furniture around for a new fresh feel. My husband... he doesn't understand ;o)

    1. I'm right there with you, sister! Thanks for stopping Simple Home Managing! Have a great day!


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