Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Laundry Room Vintage Curtain

All of this moving things that I already own around for a fresh look got my wheels turning even more. My husband's aunt sent this wonderful vintage needlework about a year ago. I just adore it, but I hadn't had a chance to get it framed and if I did frame it, I really didn't have wall space for it. So, it just sat in the closet in a box. 

I thought it might be a crazy idea, but why not make it into a little curtain for the laundry room? First, I just pinned it up there. I thought it looked cute, but I knew that I could improve on the pins even though I'm not a super crafty one.

I decided to try some clothespins and a string. Well, it is a laundry room after all?!? Haley painted these clothes pins to be name place holders for her Tea Birthday Party. We actually didn't end up using them for the party, but I thought the colors looked pretty cute here.

Looking into the laundry room with my vintage farm signs above and now the vintage "curtain" makes me almost want to do some laundry! Why not make the laundry room a happy place, I spend enough time in there!

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. “Why not make the laundry room a happy place...” - I like the way you said this. Thinking of the pile of clothes to be washed makes me don't want to go in there. But having something to look at, like an inspiration, is very helpful to make everything light and happy. Also, it's a nice decoration and even complement your window blinds. Score!#Roxie @


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