Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Spring has arrived in Texas (the best time of year in my humble opinion) and with that the urge to change things up around my house and mostly edit. We've been attempting to get our house down to the things that we really like and make it even easier to clean and enjoy. With that, we've eliminated a big chunk of furniture from our den and we absolutely love the results.

We're finding that the less-cluttered den, even with a big comfy "chair and a half" eliminated, to be much more inviting. We are even spending more time together as a family playing games and just enjoying each other's company in this simplified space. For those of you who are new here, our house is only 1275 square feet, yes, all of it. Yet, we've found it to be a wonderful home for our family of four. I do believe the key to this is editing our stuff from time to time and keeping the clutter to a minimum.

Here are the big results, sorry I have gotten so bad about getting my good camera out so these are cell phone pics. The new edited den: 

Here is a before pic with the big red chair set up for a birthday party. Doesn't the den look so much larger with that piece of furniture eliminated:

Our two thrifted chairs and Haley's school desk, also a garage sale find, refinished by my dad:

Our simple mantle, for so many years I wanted to paint this niche and even the room, but I'm so thankful that my artsy husband insisted that the room stay white. Now, I can put any splash color as an accent or in art and it seems to work, plus white walls are once again in:

Our clutter-free entry way, what do we do with all of our (bags, coats, shoes) stuff without a cluttered entry way you might ask, perhaps I'll write another blog post answering that question:

Keeping the coffee table clear of clutter has led to many games of Uno and Lego projects:

My little man had a bad mouth injury over spring break on his bike requiring 16 stitches inside of his mouth, so we've played lots of Uno while he's been on the mend:

I can also see that our family dog feels more relaxed in the space, ha:

Speaking of spring in Texas, check out this amazing sunset last night:

and the buds on our trees:

I hope this helps you to see the beauty in editing and making whatever space you have work for your unique family! I sure hope spring has arrived where you live!

Oh, I should mention, that my free eBook, The Intentional Home, is a 7 week guide to getting that clean clutter-free place you desire! 


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