Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Reading Incentives

As an effort to be more intentional and keep the children growing academically this summer, I've decided to have incentives for reading. I found this awesome idea on Pinterest and created a "bookworm" for Haley. She will fill in a segment with the title of each book she reads. As an almost nine-year-old her books are chapter books that will take her around a week to read. When she reaches a green segment, she will remove the cover to reveal her prize. I tried to be fairly thoughtful in the prizes, but I don't want to give too much away and spoil surprises for her! A couple of the prizes are actual "things" but I tried to focus on experiences like one on one time with mommy or daddy doing something fun. I hope I've found a few things that will be a real reward! 

Since Harrison is a beginning reader, I needed something a little different for him. He will read one book per sitting, so I needed more squares. I decided on a "Candy Land" theme for him since he is so motivated by food! He will move the game piece as he finishes a book. I'm thinking I will get some dried fruit sticks for Harrison to have after he reads since he is such a "foodie" and more reluctant to sit and read aloud. Maybe I'll make some popsicles and ice cream as well for an after reading treat. I did make some prizes for him which are located under the red smiley faces. I tried to keep to the same premise as Haley's prizes of a couple of "things" but mainly experiences while making them unique from her prizes.

I also plan to do plenty of read alouds with both kids. After all, I enjoy that time so much as well! Here is a post I wrote on reading great literature with my kids. Haley and I just finished this incredible book about the life of Gladys Aylward. I cannot recommend this book enough, her story is absolutely incredible! 


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