Monday, April 25, 2011

Countings Gifts 384-423

Every Monday I will be linking up with A Holy Experience to share my gifts for the week. To learn more about the book that inspired me to start counting my blessings, click here.

384. Learning to identify more with the cross
385. Welcoming new members
386. Mexican food with two amazing families and eight little ones behaving quite well
387. Feast with my home group that is feeling more and more like family
388. Fire red full moon

389. Mexican food two days in a row for lunch
390. Grocery shopping with a friend and her little guys
391. Two sweet boys playing happily while I put away the groceries
392. Haley calling an itch on her back "annoy-ging", mommy taking care of it for her
393. Planning and simplifying a little girl's 6th birthday party
394. A full fridge and pantry
395. Sitting down for a minute and putting my feet up
396. New praise cd
397. Telling Haley all of the things she can now do, building her up, her beaming
398. Little boy running around with under-roos on his head

399. Great dinner conversation with the man of my life
400. Field of pink butter cups, my favorite wild flower as a kid

401. Our morning routine of saying what we're thankful for
402. Haley's excitement of getting to be "teacher of the day"
403. Finding an adorable golf skirt on clearance (too many Mexican lunches...needed a bigger size!)
404. Birthday lunch for an amazing woman with another amazing woman...sharing coconut cream pie
405. Stuffing plastic eggs while the kids run wild at the park
406. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink and sitting down with Haley to do a school project

407. Harrison having breakfast with a cheerio stuck to his shirt, giving Haley and I a chuckle

408. Fighting the urge to go anywhere and spending a relaxing day at home
409. Avocados
410. Mom's excitement about the pictures I took at the retreat
411. Cheap highlighting kit, working great with fingers crossed, back to my "natural" shade of blond

412. Matt and I sharing a laugh over a text I sent him
413. Letting my kids play in the rain, them coming in a muddy mess and wanting to take a bath together, sweet playing and innocence
414. Lunch at Cracker Barrel and buying great sign

415. Quiet rainy afternoon with a sleeping boy, another fun package in the mail arriving from Ohio, she even sent these fun cookies

416. Praying at my church for "Pray Through the Night" Simply amazing experience
417. Finding an outdoor chair and table at a garage sale for next to nothing

418. Unexpected visit from a sweet friend and her boy
419. Nice lunch for volunteers at Haley's wonderful school
420. Praise music giving me the energy to clean the house
421. Realizing my true mission for this blog, and sharing my testimony
422. Morning drive and photographing all the beauty that exists around us

423. Precious cousins hunting eggs and eating a wonderful meal at my parent's house


  1. I'll have to say that #392 is my favorite on your list today ---- only because if you have one of those itches ---- it's the most important thing at the moment, and having someone to help with it is definitely a thankful thing!!!!
    Thanks so much for your list. It was such a blessing to have been here today!

  2. Cora,
    Thank YOU, you just gave me a good laugh! That is so true though!
    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your parents look great and I swear have not aged a bit :) Please tell them I said, "hello"!

  4. Jennie, my mom says thank you and hi to you, too!

  5. I loved reading your list and your pictures tell an amzing story of their own.

    I'm a new follower ;)

  6. Thank you Jenny! Your photography inspires me! I just got a "good" camera last week and I'm having so much fun with it!


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