Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Closet: What to Wear?

Welcome back to your closet! We've almost got this thing organized, just a few more steps. If you are just now joining us for our closet revamp then check out Your Closet: Spring Cleaning and Your Closet: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes to catch up or just jump on in right here. The goal of this final phase of your closet makeover is for you to look in your closet and easily find something you enjoy wearing. Wouldn't that take some pressure off in the morning?

Now, let's take a look at your in-season wardrobe. We will pretty much use the same process as we've done with your out-of-season clothes and shoes. You know the drill, time to purge. Take some time to go through your clothes and get rid of anything that doesn't fit well or make you feel great. When you are finished, I want you to be able to walk into your closet and only see the clothes that you love.

If there are things that you just aren't sure about, you can hang onto them. But, we will turn the hangers around backwards. At the end of the season if those hangers are still turned backwards then it's probably time to let them go. I understand there may be a few exceptions, like the nice black dress that you need from time to time. But for the most part if it hasn't been worn all season let it go.

We need to arrange your clothes in a system that makes sense to you. There are several options. I am currently using a system that pairs outfits together. Mainly, I have skirts with a matching top or two hung together. I have all of my jeans together and all of the tops that go with my jeans hung together. This makes getting dressed super easy. Once again, this is not about perfection, otherwise I would have all wooden hangers!

My husband's clothes are hung together in categories, all his dress shirts are together, golf shirts are together, slacks are together and so on. One thing that I love about this system is you will see if you tend to buy a lot of the same thing, like blue shirts for instance. So when you are out shopping and see a great blue shirt, you can stop yourself from buying it, since you already have five or ten of the same thing hanging in your closet.

Here's your opportunity to evaluate your wardrobe. Are there gaps that need filling? Do you have several bottoms that you love with nothing to go on top? Make a list of what you need and then next time you are out shopping, you will know what to hunt for. My focus here is not to be materialistic, but rather to simplify your life in this area. I hope this helps you find something to wear!

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