Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Mornings

After reading my favorite blog the other day about raising grateful children, it got me thinking. I've told you how much keeping a gratitude journal has enriched my life and I would love for my children to start practicing gratitude early in life.

So, on the way to school the other day I asked my little ones what they were thankful for. Harrison, age 3, answered cars and trucks. Haley (age 5 1/2) answered plants. Okay, that's a start! Well, I thought I should make a daily habit of this and ask them on our way to school what they are thankful for. Day 2: Haley answered you (as in me), Harrison answered Rosey (that's our dog), we decided Rosey was thankful to be on a car ride.

We've been doing this for awhile now and it just always puts a smile on everyone's face. Mornings can be stressful getting Haley to school on time, so this new practice can really change the tone of a hurried morning. I know this is just a small thing, but it's a start and it can grow and blossom as they grow. The one thing I am finding I love about blogging is the accountability. If I put something out there, then I am more willing to stick with it. I think this is a habit worth keeping!


  1. Great idea Sister! I am thankful for our family, especially a sweet little sister like you : )

  2. What a great way to set a thankful tone for the day! We usually share our gratitude lists at night, but this would be a helpful practice too.


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