Monday, June 20, 2011

Counting Gifts 687-708

Every Monday I will be linking up with A Holy Experience to share my gifts for the week. To learn more about the book that inspired me to start counting my blessings, click here.

687. Bittersweet hearing our beloved pastor preach at our church for the last time
688. Seeing that greater things are coming for our church and our pastor as he and his family serve the Lord in their next church
689. Being introduced as the Interim Children's Minister, excited at an unexpected opportunity to serve
690. Sitting in the shade with a nice breeze watching Haley's last swim lesson with my mom
691. Helping a high school golfer write letters to colleges, memories come back to those exciting days for myself
692. A boy who beats to his own drum

693. A teenager that I love for my daughter to look up to

694. Praying poolside with friends
695. To quote the wise Ann Voskamp, "If the answers yes, there's going to be a mess."

696. Sweet cantaloup

697.  Children's imagination as our den turns into an airplane they are sleeping on into a train

698. A fun evening at a beautiful house with new friends
699. A friend who came through on an offer of helping with the children's ministry
700. Fun afternoon spent at the pool, nice conversation
701. Blow up friends wanting to sleep in the same room

702. Spending time vintage shopping with an amazing woman who happens to also be my cousin
703. Our precious niece's fifth birthday party, such a blessing she is to our family

704. Showing off her first lost tooth

705. Amazing parents that happen to be mine

706. Precious cousins

707. Cupcake face

708. Shade trees

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