Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Front Porch Makeover

As these things tend to do, one project led to another and I did a little front porch facelift after my back porch thrifty makeover. You might have read my Inspiring Bargain post about the purse that inspired a paint color for my laundry room. I still just adore that color and my sweet husband painted the front door the same color last year. I had some leftover front door paint and used it to paint two white garage sale chairs. I also used the rest of the spray paint to paint the white garage sale table yellow. I found a few little accessories around the house to spruce up the table.

We also bought some Ikea trashcans, drilled holes in the bottom to plant some tomato plants right in front of our mini herb garden. As I've told you before, I may not have the little country cottage that I'd love, but I can create a wonderful space right now that can be a refuge. I find such enjoyment in that little herb garden and it is really useful and cost effective to have access to fresh herbs.

Here's my little front porch makeover:

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