Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Homeschooling Part Three

Today, I am continuing a few snapshots into our new adventure with homeschooling this spring. If you missed Part One click here or Part Two click here.

Needless to say, I am enjoying the flexibility that comes with homeschooling. We usually do actual schoolwork four days of the week and take a field trip on the fifth day.

Here are a few snapshots of our adventures:

We took advantage of a wonderful homeschool discounted day at Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch. We had the best and most relaxing day. Each animal there seemed to have a story as many were rescued. The staff was wonderful and we enjoyed many fun lectures on interesting animals. The petting area was a huge hit as well.

On another field trip, we enjoyed the now free admission to the Dallas Museum of Art. This museum is so kid-friendly and we had another wonderful day. Haley was fascinated the many artifacts that date back hundreds of years before Christ's birth. The DMA also has a lovely children's area and we spent much time creating our own art. The new park located right across the street proved to be a delightful place to end our downtown Dallas adventure. It was such an affordable outing as we only had to pay for parking.

We also spent an afternoon at the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This museum is outstanding. We planned our trip for the afternoon hoping that the many school groups would be winding down. It worked out quite well and we enjoyed visiting without the large crowds that I'm sure the summer will bring as the museum is so new.

I think the favorite outing for the kids was ice skating last Friday. It was a first for both kids and they picked it up quickly. Once again, we were able to take advantage of a discounted home school day. I've found this and several area homeschool activities on this website

We've also hit the golf course and finally made it over to some public tennis courts one afternoon (Haley has wanted to try tennis for about a year!). It's been wonderful meeting up with friends at the park in the afternoon and just relax knowing that we don't have to worry about homework or getting to bed early. 

Our spring homeschooling adventure continues as we go to San Antonio this week and then Galveston Beach a few weeks later. 

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