Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Intentional Home, Week One: Tuesday

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Week One: Tuesday

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.
John 16:33

Are you ready to start building your house? Great! The master bedroom will be our first project. Why the master bedroom? Strangely, it seems to be the most neglected room in many people’s homes. It catches the clutter and can often be the last place to be decorated. After all, when people visit your home, they wouldn’t really ever go into that room, so why worry about it? 

But, the master bedroom is a sacred place if you are married and it is a place of rest if you’re married or not. It should be a relaxing peaceful space, so let’s make it one. 

Let’s get in the habit of making our bed everyday, every single day! Start now, I mean right now. How long did that take you? Not very long, right? I actually timed myself making my bed right along with you and it took me exactly one minute and thirty seconds. That’s all and we are not neat sleepers!

This act doesn’t take that much time, but what a difference it makes in a room. I also believe that if you make this a habit, it will spill into other areas of your life. For instance, if you have already completed one task first thing in the morning, then you will be more likely to complete other tasks that you set out to do throughout the day. 

If making your bed feels like too big of a task, then maybe you need to simplify your bed accessories. If you have 85 decorative pillows that remain on the floor all the time because it’s too complicated to make your bed, then what are they accomplishing? I have four regular size pillows and one decorative pillow. I like to sleep with two pillows and my hubby with one, so all I have to place on our window seat at night is the two extra pillows. 

What if you like to take afternoon naps? On the rare occasion that I take an afternoon nap, I generally lie on top of the quilt and grab a blanket that we have tucked away in the closet. If you decide to climb all the way back into the bed, then I would go ahead and remake it. It will probably take you less than two minutes after all. The more you make it, the faster you will get too! 

I find that quilted bedspreads make a much neater looking bed. To me, the down comforter with the duvet always looks wrinkled. But, if you really like the feel of the down comforter then try putting it under the quilt.

If you don’t like your bedspread, then that might be a good first investment in creating a restful haven that you find beautiful. You can find inexpensive quilted bedspreads that look great. I’ve found all of our quilts at chic discount retail stores at reasonable prices. Another plus about the quilted style is that it can easily be washed and if you have kids, that’s a real plus! For those of you who get hot at night and only sleep with a sheet, you can easily fold a quilt and lay it aside. Then use it to remake your bed in the morning.

Now, we will add making our bed to our daily chores along with doing one load of laundry from start to finish.

Daily Chores:
One load of laundry from start to finish
Make your bed

This is only day two and I am not asking much of you yet. But, as the journey progresses, we will find areas that challenge you. Therefore, we must continue seeking God everyday for His help and guidance. I believe that what you are doing is important to God!

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