Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thrifty Sunday School Craft Idea: "I am Thankful..."

(Note: I actually wrote this post last year. But I thought I should share it again since it would make a great Thanksgiving craft idea.)

I started teaching a Sunday school class this fall and I am loving it! My daughter, Haley, is in the class with some other sweet friends whose ages range from 7 to 9. I wanted to do something special for them for Thanksgiving and I came up with a fun little craft.

I went to the Dollar Tree and bought 5x7 frames and dry erase markers. The dry erase markers come three to a pack. I then went to JoAnne's and bought several options of fun scrapbook paper, velcro and fun stickers. I printed out paper with "Today, I am thankful for...." and cut it out into a small rectangle. 

After our lesson, we talked about how we have so many things to be thankful for, then the kids assembled their crafts. I had the scrapbook paper cut to size, so they could pick whatever design they wanted. I also had fun stickers that work for a boy or a girl. Then the glued the paper with the thankful saying on the top. I had already attached a dry erase marker to the frame using the velcro. The kids had a blast making their thankful dry erase boards!

Here is my daughter's frame:

Well, she didn't really write that, but I'm sure she would've if we hadn't been in such a rush this morning, ha! I let the kids have total control over their design and putting it together. Therefore, they weren't perfect, the words might've been a little crooked. But, that's okay, they enjoyed it and had something fun to take home and hopefully they might remember to be thankful each day for the many blessings in their lives!

God Bless,

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  1. Thanks for the great idea! We made these this morning at church.


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