Monday, November 25, 2013

Basketball Theme Birthday Party

I'm excited to share this little basketball themed party that we had for my son, Harrison's 6th birthday. We had to keep it very little which is SO hard for me because we have SO many friends that we love and would love to have attend. We simply don't have the room especially in November when we can't count on the weather being nice enough to be in the backyard. So, we let Harrison chose five friends to invite along with their siblings and also our local family was invited with consists of four more kiddos.

We decided on a basketball theme mainly because we have this ridiculously awesome "Pop-a-shot" that my hubby won as a kid and now has a permanent residence in our garage. Free entertainment = score! Next, I did what any well-intentioned party planner would do: look on Pinterest and then the orange clad party came to life!

I will never buy helium balloons, seriously, I think hanging balloons are charming. Well, maybe I'm just cheap!

The boy was super excited for HIS day (and we did make him put shoes on before the guests arrived)!

Big sister, Haley, made the sweetest card for her brother and she did a wonderful job of painting all the kids' faces!

Party favors included basketball ornaments and basketball cookies from a darling local bakery. I also had a basket of "prizes" for all of the kids who played the basketball game. We also had a pinata that I just happened to locate in my attic right before the party.

It was a great day celebrating this sweet boy and we are so thankful for the gift of Harrison!

Many blessings!


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