Monday, April 11, 2011

Counting Gifts 336-355

Every Monday I will be linking up with A Holy Experience to share my gifts for the week. To learn more about the book that inspired me to start counting my blessings, click here.

336. A handy husband fixing a broken pipe for under $5.00
337. Teaching Haley's kindergarten Sunday school class, precious children!
338. Having my sister and niece join us at church then lunch
339. My mom taking Haley and her cousin to a movie
340. Haley's first monkey bars blister
341. Listening to Harrison imaginary playing
342. Clean sheets and floors
343. Amazed a boy can be entertained for an hour with a ball of string, pair of scissors and a little tape (who needs toys!)
344. Making brownies with Harrison

345. Surprising Haley with an after school treat of brownies
346. Blooming irises

347. Laughing so hard with Matt I cry
348. Haley and Harrison make believing he is a puppy complete with his own dog house, food and water. Sweet playing and laughter.

349. Great time of fellowship and planning with the woman's ministry team
350. People I don't even know leaving sweet and encouraging comments on my blog
351. Beautiful morning, clear blue skies
352. My sweet mom taking Harrison for the day
353. Quick attic organizing, I can walk up there again
354. Finding my chocolate truffle stash
355. Restful day of rejuvenation
356. Tuesday play date at the park...starting to be a fun weekly event
357. Getting to bed early
358. Early morning snuggles with Harrison...pure sweetness
359. Wind blowing green wheat fields
360. Harrison pointing out wild flowers to me
361. Managing to feed my family most of the week on our pantry and freezer stash...saving money
362. Last day of a great woman's Bible study..."For Women Only"
363. Booking my first "real" organizing job
364. Relaxing in the backyard and getting some sun while the kids play happily
365. My knockout rose bushes are starting to bloom bright pink
366. Grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner, cheap, easy and the kids love it
367. Putting rollers in Haley's hair
368. A husband who works hard and never complains
369. Before school donuts run
370. Admiring my new handmade purse by Haley

371. Fun thrift store finds
372. Stopping to smell the roses

373. Getting stronger at yoga
374. Haley's delight when I came to volunteer at her school
348. Getting called "Haley's Mom"
349. Haley telling me "You're Amazing" on the way home from school (does it get any better?)
350. Matt taking the kids exploring in the woods
351. Pizza night at Mom and Dad's with my favorite "young at heart person" Oscar

352. Pretty spring day with a little breeze
353. Saturday afternoon siesta
354. My husband's grace when I throw a "big girl" temper tantrum
355. Watching Haley perform her little dance with the high school drill team 


  1. Reading your list makes my day! You've got it right about the blessings in your life - the little moments. Thank you for making us stop to see them. What a joy to see 3 grandchildren grow and bloom.

  2. Not gonna lie, #362 was not a blessing! The study was and all you ladies were, but the fact that it was the last day just STINKS!
    Keep up those other ones though. What a blessed person you are!

  3. Yes, Becca, you are right! I guess I meant the study and ladies were a blessing! So glad that you joined us for it! We'll do another one soon, I'm sure!

  4. You and your blog are pure inspiration!!!!

  5. Thanks Donnette! Love ya, friend!


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