Monday, May 9, 2011

Counting Gifts 464-507

Every Monday I will be linking up with A Holy Experience to share my gifts for the week. To learn more about the book that inspired me to start counting my blessings, click here.

464. Donuts and coffee with good friends
465. Blessing expectant mom's with diapers and wipes
466. Hearing an amazing woman's adoption story, bringing me to tears
467. Praying for the pregnant mommy's and their babies
468. Watching Baptisms, seeing God's working in people lives
469. Downloading a great looking menu for the week
470. Sharing and hearing testimonies at home group
471. Always feels like family at our home group, big hugs from some favorite people
472. A pastor's wife who steps up to the plate and serves with such grace
473. Kids learning about Jesus and love our church
474. Playing angry birds with Haley
475. Hard rain all night, I love the sound of rain while I sleep
476. Golden wheat fields

477. Perfect rainy day to be home cleaning and nesting
478. A lazy dog in a doll bed

479. Harrison thanking me for washing his blanket then again for cleaning the bathtub...he knows the way to his mama's heart!
480. Watching happy kids walking home in the rain, while I wait in the carpool line
481. Siblings bonding as they play computer games together

482. Making Matt's Mennonite great-grandmother's white cookie recipe, a feeling of nostalgia

483. Two kids in my lap after dinner...the dishes can wait
484. Country roads, amazing blue skies after a cleansing rain, stopping to snap a picture of a beautiful wildflower

485. Spending the day with a special friend and helping her organize her closet, eating a wonderful lunch she prepared, always good conversation
486. Buying moss roses at the cutest local nursery

487. Park fun with friends, enjoying watching a special bond with Harrison and his sweet little friend

488. Daddy's welcome after a long day at the office

489. Taking the night off from the kitchen guilt free
490. Planning summer fun with the woman's ministry team, always good coffee and dessert, staying up way past my bedtime
491. A boy who sleeps 13 straight hours then curls up in our bed
492. "New to me" yoga outfit, looking the part...not bendy enough to really look the part!
493. Buying gifts for mother's day
494. Ice cream cones on the patio with some stimulating conversation from a three year old

495. Play date with new friends, so blessed by all the wonderful people God has brought into our lives this first year of school
496. Living room baseball

 497. Thinking outside the box and finding the perfect solution for toys in a small toddler's room (see tomorrow's post on this room makeover)
498. Tulips on a Friday night from my family

499. Mother's day card from Haley and hand painted lady bug

500. A tooth that finally came out
501. Wonderful day at the art festival with my family

502. Budding artist in her element

503. Little boy chasing ducks

504. A picture of my little man and I turning out

505. Exploring boulders

506. Silly hat

507. Nice evening spent with a lovely family


  1. I came over from Anne's page...thank you for sharing...made me smile

  2. I love reading these sweet posts. Keep em coming!

    BTW - I can't believe how much Harrison looks like you!


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