Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Journey to Public Education Part Two

The day before school started.
I've heard it said that there is no better place to be than in the will of God. That is exactly what I have experienced in the last few months since we made the decision to leave our small Christian University Model School and begin our journey in a public school. You can read about the events that led to that decision here.

In the previous post, I left off with a real confirmation that God graciously gave me by an unexpected phone call from the instructional specialist at the new school. She generously offered to meet with us that spring and let Harrison read to her. Fortunately, we were using the same diagnostic reading program that they use, therefore she was able to see that he was not at the reading level he needed to be finishing 1st grade. She assured me that he would enter 2nd grade on an intervention program. I had been told that it would be so important for me to be an advocate for Harrison and of course I would do whatever needed to be done. But, it actually seemed like he already had an advocate with her which was truly amazing considering we knew absolutely no one at this new school. I left that meeting with so much peace in my heart once again that we were right where we needed to be.

During the meeting a fifth grade teacher happened to walk through the room and Haley was able to meet her. She was absolutely precious and said something along the lines of "You are going to love fifth grade, we have so much fun!". I thought to myself that she seemed like she would be a great teacher for Haley.

We decided to not be idle during the summer so we hired a tutor to work with Harrison twice weekly over the summer months. But, we didn't hire just any tutor, we hired Haley's fourth grade teacher who is not only an amazing teacher but happened to be getting certified to work specifically with students with dyslexia. I worried that Harrison may not be on board with these sessions, but to my delight he absolutely loved his time with her. She really worked so hard to build his confidence and he was in such a better position to begin 2nd grade. 

As we neared the school year, I was so thankful that Haley already had two super sweet friends at the school. It is a huge difference for a ten-year-old girl walking into a school knowing two girls verses no one. Harrison on the other hand knew no one in his grade. I do think it bothered him a bit, but I reassured him that he had always made friends easily in the past and this would be no different.

Family pic from the beach house.
As summer break wound down, we slipped away to a friend's beach house for a few glorious days and that is where we received the phone calls from their new teachers. Wouldn't you know, Haley ended up in the sweet teacher's class that we met in the spring. I missed both phone calls, but I was so thankful that I was able to call back and reach Harrison's teacher. I connected with her right off the bat and I could tell that she was a very experienced teacher. I had so much peace that both kids were in very capable hands. 

Meet the teacher night happens the week before school begins. It was such an important event for us to get to be in the school once more before the school year began. Haley's classroom was decorated like Hogwarts, it is off the charts cute and creative. There was no doubt in my mind that her young teacher was going to inspire her. Haley was also so pleased to be in the same homeroom as one of the two girls she previously knew. That does a fifth grader's heart good!

Harrison's classroom was super organized and cute as well. I could tell that this teacher would give him the structure he desired. I could also tell right away that he was in capable hands, but I also knew that she had a class full of second graders and a big job to do. Little did I know then just how much she gives to her students, but I'm getting ahead of myself! 

One other exciting thing happened during that event, I found "my people"! I was beyond elated to find out that they have an already established Moms in Prayer group that meets weekly. I cannot tell you how much I loved being involved with a prayer group before and the chance to do it again was so exciting. I also found out that they have an outreach called the Good News Club that meets second semester. It blessed my heart so much to see that these things were already happening within this school. It kind of seemed that we were all finding out place within this new community.

I know I am giving so many details leading up to this school year, but it is so good for me to remember all of the ways God prepared our hearts for the change. I heard something today about being a "grace detective" and that's what this feels like by going back and discovering all of His grace along the way.

Well, it looks like I'll be writing one more post about the actual school year and it's some very good stuff! But, the delivery man just dropped off two Eiffel tower base chairs that need to be assembled, so it's time to nest! {House post coming soon!}

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  1. Love reading your story in black and white! So thrilled to have walked a bit of your journey with you. Your children are so precious. Happy they have adjusted well. Love you Hubers!

    1. You were such a voice of wisdom as we were deciding, Eva! You know I love you!


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