Thursday, May 15, 2014

God's Faithfulness this School Year

Harrison's kindergarten graduation Wednesday night, the cutest thing ever!

As I am about to start our final "satellite classroom" aka homeschool day of the school year, (tomorrow being the last day of school) I wanted to take a moment to reflect on God's faithfulness. Last year, we made a huge decision to step out on faith and enroll the children in a university model private Christian school (you can read more about that here). It was a huge leap of faith. We really only knew a couple of families at the school and we knew things would be tighter for us financially. But, we felt that God was leading us to this school and we prayed and God answered our prayers:

-I prayed that we would be able to afford the school and my husband was promoted the very first week of school.

-I prayed for the teachers that the children would receive and my prayers were answered with gifted, loving and motivated teachers who are living out their calling being teachers.

-I prayed that the kids would grow in the love and knowledge of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and both children have a stronger faith through the teaching and discipleship offered at the school, church and home.

-I prayed for like-minded friends for myself and oh did God come through on this one, I have become great friends many "kindred spirits" at this school and my life has been enriched by these rich, sweet relationships.

-I prayed that the children would make wonderful, encouraging friendships and I can't tell you how many sweet friends that they are now blessed with. I see the children in their classes really loving each other with Christ-like love.

-I prayed that they would excel in school and grow in wisdom, and both children have gone above and beyond my expectations for this first year at a new school and they've grown in so many ways. Harrison began the year not being able to recognize all of the alphabet to now reading!

-I prayed that God would put mentors into my life and He has answered with friendships with Godly women of older children who offer great advice and encouragement.

-I prayed that I would grow in my relationship with Christ, and God led me to a prayer meeting each Wednesday with two or more wonderful Christ-seeking women that showed me such beauty in their prayers each week. It was the most encouraging, uplifting and peaceful time that was so often needed throughout the school year.

I just wanted to take this morning to praise God and build a bit of a cyberspace altar, if you will, to thank Him and show His faithfulness in guiding us to this school and going above and beyond even my prayers in providing for us in every way. I'm thankful for the many confirmations that He's given us that show we are right where we are supposed to be. He is good and His plans are always the best!


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