Friday, June 12, 2015

Haley's 10 Year Old Dinner, Spa and Crafting Party

Our sweet Haley Ruth turned 10 in May and turning 10 is a big deal, so we did a lot of celebrating! I wanted to share the sweet little party that we hosted for a few of her school friends. We wanted an intimate affair with just a few friends, so we decided on a dinner and spa party with a few crafts thrown in for good measure.

The girls were seated and served their meal of an appetizer, caesar salad, fettuccine and gourmet cupcakes. Haley's younger brother Harrison helped do the serving and I shared some meal etiquette with the girls. I actually think this ended up being the favorite time for all of the girls as they sipped their sparking raspberry lemonade and giggled. It was preciousness! 

Haley, being my crafty girl who is already proficient at using Pinterest, found several crafts for the girls to do. So, we set up a rotation of three crafts and a pedicure after dinner. I set up the flower pot painting outside and I had the other crafts set up on trays ready to go after clearing the dinner table. 

Harrison even got in on the crafting action. I thought it was nice of Haley to let Harrison be included in this girly affair!

For spa treatments, my sister and I gave the girl pedicures with foot soaks in lavender Epson salt. The girls picked their colors and were adorable enjoying their luxurious spa treatments! 

We finished up with face masks and then the girls were off to play. Right now, all of the girls are into "Forever After High" dolls, so they piled on Haley's bed and played with dolls. I love that at ten they still play with dolls. I often ponder that even with how much things have changed, still childhood can remain the same.

We simply tied a ribbon around nail polish and a nail file for the girls' party favor.

I absolutely loved throwing this little party for our sweet girl, but we had another birthday surprise for her that I can't wait to share with you, so check back soon and I'll fill you in!

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  1. How sweet are they and what a great idea for a girls party. They all look so happy and how special having dinner served to them followed by crafts and a little bit of pampering - thats serious girl bonding time. A chance for girls to be girly and just have fun together. Thanks so much for letting us see you lovely celebration.

  2. Thank you, Tracey. You are so sweet to comment! I finally have a minute to catch up on blog posts, so I'm heading your way now!

  3. Brilliant idea for a girly party!! All the girls are looking so cute in these photos. Good job dear!! I also love such spa and Crafting parties. But on my 18th birthday I am going to host a funky party at the best party space rentals in Brooklyn.

  4. I am impressed with Haley’s 10 year old dinner spa party. It is so good that everyone had so much fun in this party. You know this wonderful post is driving me crazy to host such a grand 12th birthday party for my girl. Instead of a house party I would be booking the prettiest event venues Chicago to make her feel more special.


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