Monday, June 29, 2015

Haley's 10th Birthday Surprise

I am terrible at keeping surprises secret. I mean, if I have a gift to give you that I think you will really like, then it is so hard to keep it to myself, my poor hubby probably hasn't received a gift from me that I didn't give away before.

Friends, I successfully kept the biggest secret from my daughter, Haley, for months and months! Matt and I were planning a trip for her birthday and I didn't spill the beans until the day she turned 10! Way to go me! I wanted to share how we finally did the big reveal...

So, I decided to make up a little scavenger hunt for her to do the morning she turned 10. I wrote a note in cards that were a "this is your life" theme, beginning with how Matt and I met, to my pregnancy with her, to her first birthday and one for each year after. The cards were hidden with something meaningful from that time in her life and each card contained a clue to the surprise.

I slipped away to Target one day, where I wrote out the cards. I have to say, it was emotional writing them. My how ten years can just slip by so fast! 

Haley's lovie since she was one, Piggy, held one of the clues. These two have been through a lot together!

So, the last clue didn't reveal where she would be going. Daddy would be bringing home the last clue at lunch. She had to wait a couple of long hours to find out ... longest two hours of her life, ha ha!

Matt had his stereo blaring "Welcome to New York" by Taylor Swift and Harrison and Matt were holding the banner. She was shocked and excited! 

We actually just got back from our amazing adventure to NYC last night and I can't wait to share our journey with you. It was a most blessed time of family bonding and fun! 

Many Blessings,


  1. Your amazing !! - what an incredible way to do a surprise. Can't way too hear about NYC

    1. Ah thanks, Tracey! It was amazing, I will definitely have to write a blog post soon about it!


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